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Head Over Heels

My signature service begins with a meditative scalp massage followed by a reflexology-inspired, Reiki-infused foot massage. This treatment encourages profound relaxation and release of muscle tension throughout the body. The client is invited to use this time for meditation and to practice deep breathing....or simply to sleep. The client receives the treatment fully clothed (except shoes and socks) on a lusciously comfortable heated table. 

                             Head Over Heels - $40  (45 minutes)



Your facial will be customized for your individual skin type and its condition at the time of your service. I will choose products to address dryness, dehydration, rosacea, acne, sensitivity, sun damage, and aging skin. Facials include cleansing, exfoliation, gentle facial massage, and manual extractions as needed. All facials end with an appropriate mask and a 10 minute scalp massage. A 20 minute foot massage may be added to the end of your facial (please allow additional time and let me know when booking your appointment).

                             Facial - $60  (allow 60-70 minutes)

               Facial with foot massage - $80  (allow 80-90 minutes)


The cushy table, the soothing music, and the warm candlelight go a long way toward making this service as pleasant as possible, but let's not kid ourselves, waxing will always amount to ripping the hair out by the root!

  • upper lip or chin - $10
  • brows - $15
  • lip & chin -$18
  • lip & brows - $20
  • chin, lip & brows -$30
  • forearms - $15
  • underarms - $15
  • standard bikini - $28 (brazillian prices by individual consultation)
  • lower legs (includes knees) - $28
  • upper legs (includes knees & bikini) - $42
  • lower legs with bikini - $42
  • full legs (includes bikini) - $58
  • man's back - $48